AUTOPIA: THE FUTURE OF CARS - 1ªED.(2019) - Jonathan Bentley - Livro


Autor: Jonathan Bentley
Editora: Atlantic Books

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Cars are one of the most significant human creations. They changed our cities. They changed our lives. They changed everything. But in the next thirty years, this technology will itself change enormously. If Google get their way, are we all going to be ferried around in tiny electric bubble-cars? Or will we watch robots race a bionic Lewis Hamilton? And what about the future of classic cars?
In Autopia, TV presenter and journalist Jon Bentley celebrates motoring's rich heritage and meets the engineers (and coders) who are transforming cars forever. From mobile hotel rooms to electric battery technology; from hydrogen-powered cars to jetpacks, Autopia is the essential guide to the future of our greatest invention. Fully designed with illustrations and photographs, this will be the perfect Christmas gift for car and technology enthusiasts everywhere.


ISBN: 9781786496348

Idioma: Inglês

Encadernação: Capa dura

Formato: 15,5 X 22

Páginas: 304

Ano de obra / copyright: 2019

Ano de edição: 2019


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