BRAZIL - 1ªED.(2014) - Olaf Heine - Livro

BRAZIL - 1ªED.(2014)

Autor: Olaf Heine
Editora: Te Neues

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A Brazilian proverb states, “Those who leave will take longing on their journeys.” However, translating saudade with “longing” doesn’t do the term justice. Olaf Heine’s photographs convey impressions that are hard to put into words. Since 2010, the renowned portrait and fashion photographer has captured the soul of Brazil. Presenting the land of Carnival and Copacabana in black-and-white is not as paradoxical as it might first seem. Heine’s photographs are as deeply melancholic as they are sensual. With a keen sense for shapes and textures, he also exemplifies Oscar Niemeyer’s words: “The whole universe is made of curves.” These curves appear in architecture and human bodies, and also permeate the Brazilian lifestyle. From the intensity of its passions to the lightness of its shapes, Olaf Heine portrays a fascinating country in all its diversity and beauty.


ISBN: 9783832798130

Idioma: Português, Francês, Alemão, Inglês

Encadernação: Capa dura

Formato: 27 x 36

Páginas: 263

Ano de obra / copyright: 2014

Ano de edição: 2014


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