FIRECRACKERS: FEMALE PHOTOGRAPHERS NOW - 1ªED.(2017) - Fiona Roger; Max Houghton - Livro


Autor: Fiona Roger | Max Houghton
Editora: Thames & Hudson

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The photographic industry employs thousands of women, but champions mostly men. To begin to redress the balance, here is a timely presentation of the work of over thirty young female photographers working today. This book is predominantly a celebration of some of the most inquisitive, intelligent and daring photography being created now. The stories the photographers tell are the most pressing social, political and personal issues seen through the female lens.

Firecracker, established in 2011 by Fiona Rogers, is an online platform dedicated to supporting female photographers worldwide by showcasing their work. Building upon Firecracker’s foundations, this book brings together photography that encompasses an eclectic variety of styles, techniques and locations, from German Alma Haser’s futuristic series of portraits that use origami to create 3D sculptures within the frame, to Egyptian Laura El-Tantawy’s filmic and intensely personal series on political protest in Cairo. There is a recurring theme throughout the book that serves to unite these extraordinary women and their work: the exploration of marginalized individuals and under-discussed subjects, seen by fresh eyes. Fiona Rogers and Max Houghton offer insightful and expert authorship and curation.


ISBN: 9780500544747

Idioma: Inglês

Encadernação: Capa dura

Formato: 28 x 25

Páginas: 224

Ano de obra / copyright: 2017

Ano de edição: 2017


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